What is StripeCon EU?

StripeCon EU is a conference dedicated to the open source SilverStripe CMS/Framework. The event is organised and hosted by the SilverStripe open source community. We will be welcoming developers from all over Europe to exchange ideas, hear talks, meet in person, and to help the community be the best at what they do.
Last year in Enschede, more than 90 attendees came together for two days and heard from speakers across a wide range of topics, including some impressive live demonstrations.

We believe, this is a perfect place to connect with the SilverStripe and web development community.
StripeConEU exists since 2013, it is run by passionate volunteers and on a non-profit basis.

Who is attending?

StripeCon is conference for web developers, devops, web agencies and partners working with SilverStripe.
Participants with various professional positions and levels are from all over Europe.

Why sponsoring StripeCon?

What is sponsoring used for?

There are a couple of expenses to run this event, the most important are:

Sponsorship Levels

This is our sponsorship menu for StripeCon EU.

Level Amount Tickets What do you get?
Platinum € 1.100,00 5 Permission to place own banner at venue.
Logo and medium size description on website, Platinum sized logo on event banner/t-shirt.
5 Minute proposal talk.
Gold € 800,00 3 Permission to place own small banner at venue.
Logo and short description on website, Gold sized logo on event banner/t-shirt.
5 Minute proposal talk.
Silver € 500,00 2 Logo and short (300 character) description on website.
Silver sized logo on event banner.
Bronze € 300,00 1 Logo and tweet-sized description on website.
Bronze sized logo on event banner.
Furthermore, we can do customized packages, if you want to do more specific support or add custom give-aways for participants.
All prices are excl. VAT tax.


Interested to show your support?
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